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Based on our diverse production methods, we manufacture all types of functional yarns.

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Cotton-like polyamide

beag® FTCotton – compact bulk yarn


Yarns for electronic purposes

beag® iD – Blended and covered yarns with metal wires and braids (RFID/NFC)


Electrically conductive yarns

beag® eYarn – Blended and covered yarns with conductive yarns and wires


Electromagnetic shielding yarns (EMV)

beag® eShield – Blended and covered yarns with radiation-shielding metal wires


Electrostatic discharging yarns (ESD)

beag® eStatic – Blended carbon yarns that prevent electrostatic charging


Flame-retardant yarn

beag® flameCut – Yarns made from the first permanently flame-retardant PA66 polymer in market


Recycled yarns

beag® ecoFib – PA/PES yarns made from recycled polymer (pre- and post-consumer)


Tear-resistant yarns

beag® mTec – PA/PES/AR/UHMWPE yarns with increased tensile strength and abrasion resistance (MT/HT, Cordura®-like)


Elastic and functional yarns

beag® xAirlastic – Single-stage produced elastic combination air texture yarns made of PA and EL



All of our yarns can be 100% knitted and sorted according to customer requirements.

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Depending on the application, we can produce friction- and spindle-textured yarns on our machines.


Air texturing

The thread will be inelastic crimped in the nozzle by air pressure (air jet).



We offer a wide variety of options: turned yarns, twists, multiple twists, cross twists, and blended yarns.


Yarn calculator

Conversion of yarn count

With the «yarn count converter», the fineness of yarn can be easily converted into different textile units of measurement.


The company bäumlin & ernst ag (beag) began in 1954 as one of the first companies to start texturing polyamide 6.6 filament yarns for hosiery. Over time, the face of beag changed and the range was adapted to the new market requirements. Today, bäumlin & ernst ag is a wide-ranging company in the field of textured yarns, air-textured yarns, blended yarns, and specialty threads. Due to sophisticated processes combined with the latest technologies and the great expertise of our employees, we can offer our customers a full range of yarns to meet the quality they need.



We want to become the supplier of high quality and functional filament yarns for all textile and technical applications in Europe and to be perceived as a competent development partner for textile yarn solutions worldwide. We are «beag® …more than just yarn».


We adapt to the constantly changing market conditions with sustainable measures. With tailor-made products and services that are “more than just yarn," we offer our customers added value. In order to achieve this, we continuously review our processes and exploit potential for improvement and development. We stay creative for our customers and invest in technology to meet existing needs. We achieve our goals by pulling everyone in the same direction and by offering our customers individual solutions, implementing thus our vision: «beag® …more than just yarn».

Oeko-Tex certificate

Access to the beag® Oeko-Tex certificate is reserved for those who purchase beag® products. Users of our materials can request the certificate from us. We will be happy to issue it once you provide us with your contact details and proof that you are using beag® products. Please contact us by email or call us: +41 (0) 71 987 02 02.


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