Cotton polyamide yarn, a blend to drive innovative ideas




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Cotton polyamide yarn takes fabric one step further

Have you ever wondered what is really going on in laboratories and engineer workshops? What steps are being taken to make something new and original, to create a true innovation? In most cases, the starting point is something that has been around for years or even centuries, like a natural material that has been perused for various purposes. And that material is then being enhanced, developed and improved to create something new, something that surpasses the material that has already been known. One example for such a product is cotton-like polyamide yarn.

What exactly is cotton-like polyamide yarn?

Cotton is one such material that has been used to make clothes and textiles for a long time. One would think that the material itself can hardly be improved, seeing that it brings so many advantages. Yet, the demands towards clothes have grown over time and an adaptation and improvement of natural cotton is one of the ways to address these demands. Cotton-like polyamide yarn is (a yarn) made from synthetic polymers and that has been modified to closely resemble the look and feel of cotton.

Using the benefits of cotton-like polyamide yarn

There are plenty of good things to say about the properties and characteristics of natural cotton. But on the other hand, there are also a number of things one could mention to show that cotton offers room for improvement. For example, cotton fabric is less breathable, it soaks up moisture and it does not repel rain. Synthetic yarns however meet these objectives and they come with a range of further advantages that can be used not only in clothes but also in other fields where textiles are being used. Cotton-like polyamide yarn blends the benefits of both types into one product and by that paves the way towards textile innovation.

Thousands of useful inventions and product improvements are being made every year. Some of

Thousands of useful inventions and product improvements are being made every year. Some of these however form the basis for even further developments and can spur the creation of many new products. Cotton-like polyamide yarns have been one of these innovation drivers. As textiles find many more areas of application than just clothes, improved yarn structures often enable them to take over additional tasks, for example when used in interior design, netting, packaging, furniture or even in machines. In clothing, synthetic yarn has fathered a new generation of multifunctional textiles that are required for special purposes ranging from sports jerseys to protective work clothes worn under challenging conditions.

Makers of progressive cotton-like polyamide yarn

Bringing textile technology forward has always been one of the objectives of Swiss manufacturer beag, a company that stands at the forefront of supplying professionals with high-quality yarns of all kinds. Among the products made by them is beag® FTCotton, a product that can safely be called a cotton-like polyamide yarn, as it brings a natural look to a technical fiber.


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