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False twist texturing, one of the ways to make yarns look better

A lot of good things can be said about synthetic yarns. They have more or less revolutionized the whole field of textiles and garments by adding an almost endless range of new options to use yarns and to pick a yarn that serves a specific purpose. Polyamide yarns came up in the middle of the 20th century and have since been developed further, diversified and improved in many ways. That work continues to this day as there are still plenty of specialists working on ideas to make polyamide even better. False twist texturing is one of the results of that scientific work.

The basics of false twist texturing

The process of manufacturing synthetic filaments is a mostly streamlined procedure that produces a large number of specimens that are all exactly the same. When a yarn made from polymers leaves the machine, it presents itself with a smooth, plain surface. It was then discovered that the texture changes when the yarn is backtwisted, resulting in a regular curled structure of the surface. This backtwisting is called false twist texturing and it is performed by specific machines.

The innovative idea behind false twist texturing

The effects created through such a treatment of filaments are highly desired for various purposes and in particular for use in the field of clothes. In order for the industry to produce these sought-after yarns, a complex texturing process was first used, whereby a twist was first created, fixed and then untwisted. However, the time and effort involved is reflected in a higher price per piece. False twist texturing, which automates this process and eliminates the need for re-twisting, not only makes production much easier and faster, but also reduces the cost of producing yarn with the desired properties.

False twist texturing lends a natural touch to polyamide yarns

The one thing that makers and buyers of clothing articles made from polyamide yarns often decry is the fact that for a long time they just did not have a natural look and feel to them. False twist texturing puts an end to that challenge. It creates the spun-like structure and bulk that you would expect from a natural spun yarn such as cotton. In effect, the process creates cotton with the superior properties of synthetic yarns, thereby creating the basis for clothes that check all the expectations customers have.

Specialists for false twist texturing and the yarns needed for your business

Today, the world of yarns has, thanks to the possibilities provided by polyamide and other polymers, become so multi-faceted that there is usually a perfect yarn solution for every purpose, from clothes manufacturing to upholstery to various other fields where textiles are useful. The Swiss supplier for all types of filaments and the experts for false twist texturing is BEAG, an established industry provider that has many decades of experience in the field of texturing yarns according to customer needs.


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