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Flame retardant yarn illustrates the advancement of textile technology

Fabric and textile have come a long way. This is a field in which a lot of research and development has been done over the past decades in particular, aiming at addressing challenges generated by ever-changing life conditions. These efforts have led to the growth of functional yarns, beginning with yarns capable of stretching further than natural fibers allowed and continuing with yarns that can effectively protect the wearer against adverse outside conditions. Flame retardant yarn marks the culmination of these developments, creating textiles that can actually save lives. Our permanent flame retardant PA66 FR yarns are sustainable because they do not require any subsequent chemical treatment. They meet all required standards for clothing, transport and aviation.

Flame retardant yarn brings functional yarns to a new level

It is safe to say that the advancement of textile technology has not only triggered a whole new range of styles and fashion ideas, but that it has also done a lot to make things easier for humankind. In particular, the development of functional yarns has made it possible that clothing can actually protect against coldness or dampness. Furthermore, there are now textiles in furniture, coverings and even machinery, helping create commodities that were inconceivable not too long ago. Flame-retardant yarn continues this path and makes things possible that were not possible in this way before.

Safety technology, woven into flame retardant yarn

Flame or fire retardants have become widely know and used in the 1970s. Back then and for a long time thereafter, the term described a chemical solution applied to surfaces on yarns or textiles that was capable of slowing down the spread of the fire. While this helped prevent fires from growing ever larger in many cases, it did not protect humans. That step followed with the invention of flame retardant yarn which transferred the technology over to the textile sector.

Multiple uses for flame retardant yarn

Firefighters and other first responders immediately come to mind when thinking about clothing made with flame retardant yarn. As these persons may occasionally come face to face with fires, wearing these garments is indeed mandatory for them. However, the use of these materials also makes a lot of sense in many areas beyond that. There are many lines of work where people come into contact with combustible substances, including steel manufacturing, the petrochemical industry and others. As a precaution, wearing suitable work clothes that offer protection against fires and flames is very advisable in these fields as well.

Flame retardant yarn, made to comply with modern standards

In previous time, making materials flame retardant usually involved a dose of chemicals applied to them. It turned out later, however, that many of these chemicals were either toxic or created an environmental hazard. Fortunately, this is no longer the case for textiles made with inherent flame retardant yarn today. The yarns manufactured at the state-of-the-art facilities of the bäumlin & ernst ag in Switzerland meet highest safety standards and comply with all health and environment protection measures, without using dangerous chemicals or emitting toxic smoke gases.


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