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Where special textiles are needed, conductive yarn is the solution

A long time ago, clothes were invented in order to protect humans against the cold. It wasn’t until centuries later that clothing also became a means to beautify the wearer. For ages, the possibility to make a statement with what is worn became the guiding principle of textile design. Today, those possibilities are endless, both in cut and in color. Today, both of these objectives can be seamlessly combined. Moreover, modern-time inventions such as conductive yarn bring textiles even further and help create clothes suited to address particular needs. Conductive yarns can consist of metal wires or silver-plated textile base components. These yarns can shield electrical radiation (EMV), transmit data (RFID) or dissipate electrostatic charge (ESD).

Conductive yarn in protective clothing

Apart from the clothes you buy in stores, there is a wide range of clothing used for particular purposes. In the line of work clothes for example, certain textiles are required to protect the wearer against adverse conditions and by that enable him to complete his work undeterred. These include water-repellent textiles as well as those capable of resisting heat, cold or even flames. Another noteworthy category in that regard are clothes that are able to discharge static electricity. This particular line of protective clothing needed in work environments is made with conductive or discharging yarn.

How conductive yarn can write the future story of textiles

Clothing and fashion will continue to be play major roles in our lives, so much is certain. But what form will it take? Apart from design options, it appears to be quite possible the future clothing will come with a variety of new functions and conductive yarn will make these functions possible. So-called smart clothing is already capable of connecting to smartphones or navigation devices and of displaying information from these devices on the fabric. Other uses include the transmission of medical data such as heart rate from the body to the clothing for outside monitoring.

Conductive yarn tailored to your needs

Functional yarns can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but as none of these uses is the same as the next one, yarns often need to be custom-made exactly to the purpose they are going to be used for. If you are looking to purchase conductive or functional yarns, it is thus always a good strategy to buy from companies that have invested in yarn technology and have developed expert knowledge in the field. This puts them in a position to know exactly how to produce yarn that fits your objective.

Your professional source for conductive yarn

Nowadays, textile elements can be found in many fields outside of the fashion business. They are also used in many other industries, including medical, technology and automotive, where they often assume important roles for the functionality of machines or other equipment. This fact easily illustrates how important it is that the conductive yarn used meets highest quality requirements. Swiss manufacturer bäumlin & ernst ag produces functional yarns in countless varieties and guarantees that all products leaving the factory have undergone a strict quality check.


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