Elastic covered yarn lends textiles more flexibility




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Elastic covered yarn gives people more space

There are plenty of circumstances when you need your clothes to adapt to what you do. While in everyday life, the clothes you wear serve the purpose of keeping you warm and comfortable and making you look good, there are situations when these attributes aren’t the primary factor. For example, the clothes worn by athletes are expected to go along with physical activity or even to support body movements of all kinds. This is one of the fields in which elastic covered yarn plays out its full strength and functionality. Elastic yarns are characterised in garments by high wearing comfort, a good fit and, in the case of stockings, by pleasant compression.

How sports evolved with the help of elastic covered yarn

If you watch footage of sport events in earlier decades, you will quickly notice a stark difference to today’s images. In comparison to today, yesteryear’s athletes look almost clumsy in the way they move and there are reasons for that. Apart from improved training methods and advanced technology, sportswear also contributed to this development. Today, clothes worn by athletes support dynamics, quick stretching moves and even aerodynamics. All this has been made possible by the use of elastic covered yarn and the advancement of textile technology.

Why elastic covered yarn is so important

The main reason why textiles have found their way into more and more fields and more versatile usage forms is their ability to stretch and deform and then return to their original form. This flexibility is a valuable asset that is commonly used in sports- and outdoor wear as well as in medical bandages and stockings and many other fields. To make use of this particular attribute, textiles must be processed with elastic covered yarn. And since every little detail is important in all of these fields, you will want to pick a reliable source for your purchase of yarns.

How elastic covered yarn is made

The market knows elastic covered yarn in many different varieties. They differ in the components used for their manufacturing as well as in the technology applied to make them. For the purpose of using functional yarns in clothing, these yarns are often covered by another textile layer which keeps the desired function intact but gives the finished product the appearance of a classic textile. As natural filaments do not have the elasticity and flexibility that machine-made yarns have, this method brings the desired attributes to a garment without rendering it a somewhat artificial look.

Finding a supplier for elastic covered yarns

Products made with care and an aspiration for quality have always had their market. To play in this market, the makers of products usually pay attention to the quality of materials delivered by their suppliers. To identify the most reliable suppliers, one is always well advised to look into the company history. As elastic covered yarns are the result of intense research and development efforts, companies that have engaged in these activities for many years usually are the ones that know the field best and manufacture in best quality.


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