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Our Yarns

Based on our diverse production methods, we manufacture all types of functional yarns.

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Ordering textured cotton yarn from the experts for filaments

There are always several aspects one needs to pay attention to when parts or components are being ordered from a supplier. In that regard, parts for machines are not different from filaments needed to manufacture textiles. You need a supplier that provides you with the quantities needed and one that’s capable of stepping up or scaling down deliveries according to demand. You need one that’s offering your fair rates and of course one that’s selling a reliable quality. As far as advanced threads are concerned, for example textured cotton-like yarn, BEAG in Wattwil is the supplier of choice for many high-profile companies.

Textured cotton-like yarn, shielding yarns, conductive yarns and more

If there was such a thing as a book on the history of yarns, then the last few decades would certainly use up the largest room in it. The technological advancements in yarns in the recent times have been multi-faceted and, even more importantly, they have opened up the path towards many new products and application areas for textiles and garments. Textured cotton-like yarn is just one example of yarns having been modified to better match the tasks they are being used for.

What is textured cotton-like yarn?

Texture is an important property of clothing items. The way something feels on the skin often is essential to the question whether a customer buys an item or not. In this context, the term "texture" refers to the surface of the thread, i.e. whether it is completely smooth or whether it has a crimped structure, such as loops or turns. These crimps are often preferable because they give a natural look and feel. Textured cotton yarn therefore is a yarn used to make clothing items that lends the product a desired look and a pleasant touch.

How textured cotton-like yarn adds more market options

Clothing is a business field with a lot of niches and specialties. There are everyday clothes and sports clothes, protective clothes and insulated clothes, just to name a few. Synthetic yarns have made many of these fields possible, for example the creation of electrically conductive clothing that can serve to monitor body functions. However, a vast segment of the entire industry is still dedicated to clothing that has to look good more than anything else. Textured cotton yarn is used to make functional clothing more attractive to the eye.

The advantages of textured cotton-like yarn

Research and development in the field of garments today has arrived at a stage where fibers made from polyamide can be modified and adapted to display the look and feel of natural cotton fibers. This was the step that brings the preferred look and touch of naturally textured cotton yarn together with the advanced properties of synthetic fibers. For the textile industry, these yarns offer the opportunity to sell clothing that does not only appeal to the eye but that also meets more market demands.


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