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Based on our diverse production methods, we manufacture all types of functional yarns.

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A yarn converter is a valuable tool for product development

Product development is always a process that has to deal with a number of unknown factors. When you first start off drawing up your product idea, you might have its basic functionality or even a desired design in your head, but how all of those ideas combine in the end isn’t quite certain from the beginning. Thus, one of the goals in the development process is turning the unknown factors into known ones. Therefore, for all products using textiles, a yarn converter is a great help. As a competent development partner, bäumlin & ernst ag processes a large number of different materials into a final product. In order to bring the different yarn units to a common denominator, we offer a yarn calculator as a service for our customers.

Why a yarn converter is often necessary

For many people not involved in the textile industry, it often comes as a surprise to see how many different parameters and definitions are applied to fibers, yarns and filaments. In fact, when it comes to measuring units used to determine the strength and density of a material, there are various denominators in use. While some parts of the world use Nm as a unit, others stick to den or dtex. That makes it often necessary to switch between units – a task that can require advanced math skills. A yarn converter comes as a handy tool in these cases.

Ordering functional yarns with the help of a yarn converter

Functional yarns are quickly becoming the new standard in the textile industry. As they help bring out new functionalities and even products and as consumer demand for them grows, they also require many professionals in the business to become familiar with them. A good way to do that is using a yarn converter for your order as a means to make sure you have the correct density. This is one of the most important parameters for yarn, so picking the right one is essential.

Use a yarn converter and the help of the pros

No matter if you are already a seasoned pro in this field or still a newbie, a yarn converter will certainly provide you with some valuable assistance to make the right purchasing decisions. But in addition to that help, you should also rely on the experience and knowledge of the staff at bäumlin & ernst ag. The consultants there will know exactly what kind of yarn fits your project best and can give you valuable advice on the processing you will need to create a perfect product.

The online yarn converter for your convenience

The new generation of yarns takes textiles to the next level. Filaments available today include yarns that are water-repellent, conductive or even flame retardant. Some manufacturers can offer you the entire range of functional yarns for all kinds of purposes from clothing to upholstery to machinery components. Swiss maker bäumlin & ernst ag has been at the forefront of technology development in the yarn industry for many years and is in many cases the best address for all your yarn needs. The company makes purchases easy by providing a yarn converter on its website.


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