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Our Yarns

Based on our diverse production methods, we manufacture all types of functional yarns.

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All of our yarns can be 100% knitted and sorted according to customer requirements.



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With tailor-made products and services that are “more than just yarn," we offer our customers added value.

Functional yarns help you deliver what consumers expect

Technical yarns are materials with special resistance. Be it high chemical resistance, tensile strength, flame retardancy or functionality such as electrical conductivity. What if a piece of clothing would not only look good on you but would also keep you warm? What if it would also be water-repellent? And what if it had even more features, such as being wind-proof, able to maintain air circulation or act as an antibacterial layer? In today’s textile market, all of these attributes can be found, often even in combination with one another. This is the result if advanced technology becoming available in the textile industry, mainly in the form of functional yarns.

The advantages of functional yarns over classic ones

Functional yarn is responsible for the development of a whole range of new clothing categories that have not been known before. One of those categories is the entire line of athletic clothing, from warm-up clothes made from water-repellent fabric to stretchable sportswear that doesn’t falter and snaps back into shape when fast, dynamic movements are performed. The textiles worn by athletes in all kinds of sports often come with a range of other advantages apart from their elasticity and all of those have been made possible by the use of specialized yarns.

Enjoying the great outdoors thanks to functional yarns

It is not only clothing items where functional yarns play out their full strength, although that field is one of the most important. But yarns are also needed in many other areas and if you’re an outdoor person you will find a number of examples. Ropes for climbing, fishing lines, tents and many other items rely on yarns that can withstand adverse conditions and function fully even after many years of use. Moreover, yarns can also be found in many other applications, from compressive stockings furniture to materials needed for shielding and safety purposes.

Functional yarns come in many different varieties

One of the most sought-after commodities in the market for fabrics are elastic yarns. However, this is only one aspect of textiles that functional yarns can provide. There are also yarns that have the ability to discharge electrostatic, those that can shield from electromagnetic rays or yarns that can protect the wearer from heat or cold or even flames. All of these yarns require a meticulous manufacturing and quality monitoring process, which is why they should always be purchased from established, reputable suppliers.

A big name for functional yarns

In the world of functional yarns, buyers can choose among a large number of suppliers. However, it is important that buyers apply a rigorous quality testing regime before making a purchasing decision. For this type of yarns, it is of utmost importance that the products live up to their promises. For this reason, manufacturers such as Swiss company bäumlin & ernst ag usually are the address to go to. With proven quality, the ability to customize yarns and a long history of development experience, this supplier will reliably cater to all your needs.


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